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Polyurethane Grouting and Leakage Repairs

Johnson Group Contracting

***Not Offering Any Services Currently***

Johnson Group Contracting has been permanently stopping leaks through cracks and seams in all manner of structures throughout Ontario, Canada for decades. Our work can be found in the bridge piers in the the far reaches of Northern Ontario to the subway systems in Toronto. A vast amount of technical experience gained though exhaustive research, training and the successful completion of thousands of challenging projects has allowed our team to assess and solve virtually any type of leakage repair problem that we have been presented with. Johnson Group carries that same degree of expertise into the residential environment to provide homeowners the exact same level of quality repairs found on Ontario Power Generation dams or CN Rail bridge structures.

What we offer

Johnson Group Contracting currently offers the following services in the greater Barrie, Ontario region. 

  • Concrete Crack  Repair
    Residential Foundation Crack Repairs Bridge barrier wall crack injection Underpass Crack Repair Ontario Power Generation Dam Repair CN Rail Bridge Pier Epoxy Crack Repair
    • Polyurethane and epoxy - high pressure injection using the most up-to-date techniques.
      • Residential & Commercial Foundations
      • Parking Structures
      • Waste Water Treatment Plant Tank Repairs
      • Dam Repairs
  • Interior Drainage Control Systems
    Interior Drain Tile Project Interior Water Control System - French Drain Interior Water Control System Interior System Breakout
    • Time tested and proven techniques to contain and redirect ground water basement leakage due to failure of existing drain tile/weeping tile foundation drainage systems.
      • Mainly residential application as an less costly approach to foundation weeping tile excavation and replacement.
      • Foundation leakage on an average home is usually solved with under $10,000 in expenses.
      • Johnson Group Contracting has performed several thousand of these projects with excellent results.
  • Leaking Front Porch Repairs
    • Johnson Group has developed an expertise in correcting oversights and design flaws caused by uniformed contracts doing popular front porch upgrades. Leakage problems are common without first preparing the existing porch slab and adjoining brick wall prior to overlay of interlocking stone etc.
  • Many other various repairs have been successfully completed by our talented crew, but as we have expanded into manufacturing we have lessened the diversity of contracting work we undertake due to time constraints.
    • Johnson Group Contracting is well versed in the following areas
      but is no longer undertaking these forms of contracts:
      • Excavation
      • New concrete forming, place and finish
      • Monolithic slab construction
      • Concrete restoration
      • Block laying
      • Hardscaping - Interlocking stone pavements
      • Concrete pavement design and construction (Civil and Mining environments)
      • Cold applied coatings
      • Membrane waterproofing applications
      • Demolition
      • Radiant Floor Heating Overpours
      • Pressure Washing / Concrete Cleaning

Johnson Group is also a Product Producer 

Not only are clients of Johnson Group Contracting hiring top notch service, but are also getting the added benefit of having the manufacturer on board as well. Many years ago, we decided to make the products we consume each day even better. After getting resistance form several suppliers to do better, we worked diligently with our Ontario based chemists to formulate the best polyurethane grouts and accessories possible. After all, our business and reputation  depends on our skill and the products we use to complete projects successfully.

A Partner and Supplier to Hundreds of Contractors across North America

Being uniquely positioned as both well seasoned service technicians and the manufacturer has enabled Johnson Group to become expertly qualified to dispense product and service advice to over 350  injection grouting contractor and user network. We also ship our high quality products out of our Barrie ,Ontario location daily to cities and towns across Canada and USA through our online shop. Johnson Group offers hundreds of high quality products to home owners, mining operations, municipalities, engineering firms, subway contractors running giant tunnel boring machines, nuclear power plants and even rocket engine testing facilities.
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