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Employment Oppourtunities
With Johnson Group Contracting

Are you a skilled trades person or owner of a small firm who would like to explore business opportunities or even completely new business ideas?
New to the area or retired craftsmen your welcome to apply. Work as much or as little as you need.

Although we complete a lot of our work with in-house manpower, we are always looking for talented sub-contractors and skilled workers to fill in or complete contracting projects in Barrie and the surrounding area although it is no longer our main focus.
We are are also always developing new and exciting business plans, usually in no way connected to contracting. The proponents of this company are currently developing projects in manufacturing for customers in the mining and cargo freight shipping fields. Our latest project should result in the launching of a 50,000 sq.ft. manufacturing facility in the very near future. The first of 4 such plants. We are always innovating and looking for talented partners who have great ideas with a desire to work with like minded individuals.

Please contact us to discuss the type of work you perform or your business idea (mutual non-disclosure agreements are the norm..)  and how you think we can work together.

Employee Positions Currently Available

Position:             Metal shop worker.

Duration:               Part-time; on call

Rate:                     $14-17.00 per hr.

Description:       Perform various duties in our metal shop to produce products for our mining related products.


Skills required include:

  • Metal Worker - power threading machines, torches, computer controlled plasma cutting table, metal chop saw, metal lathe, metal drill press, grinding.
  • Polyurethane Casting Operations - cycle custom molds used to produce a variety of polyurethane rubber parts for our products.

Position: More to come..