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About the Company

Johnson Group Contracting is a registered operating name under the corporation Johnson Group Online Inc. located in beautiful Barrie, Ontario, Canada. In order to properly market the varied types of work undertaken by the company, it is required that we split our efforts into two identities. Johnson Group Contracting providing local residential, commercial and industrial clients with the expertise and quality assurance skills developed from working closely with numerous engineers, general contractors and owners for over 25 years years. Services include injection grouting and selected repair projects. Our main scope is to provide polyurethane & epoxy injection grouting, sealing or waterproofing applications and consulting services to Ontario residential home owners, general contractors, engineering firms and structure owners. These may include bridges, tunnels, foundations and tanks. Marketing for this division is primarily internet based and referrals or direct contact with contractors and engineers across Ontario. If we're not on your list, please add our name.

Our fully qualified workers have enabled "Johnson Group Contracting" to provide a wide array of services to this quickly growing part of Ontario over the years. Our small dedicated team continually trains and adapts to new and challenging projects...

To protect our valuable employees and customers we continually strive for safety on the job and constantly support a safe knowledgeable work environment. Johnson Group is not a company that will take a shortcut at the expense of safety.
We follow the standard business procedures as laid out in the Canadian Construction Association document CCA 29 1995 and the Construction Lien Act. In the interest of smooth relationships with our valued clients, we strive for detailed purchase orders or contracts with specifications, precise schedules for payments and notification procedures with clear communication between all parties, prior to commencement of work.

If you're looking for a progressive company which is dedicated to solving your particular problem in a top quality, direct, honest and  professional manner...
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