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Johnson Group Contracting prides itself on its fine employees. Our core team are hard working, honest and committed to performing their jobs at the highest level possible.

Executive Team

Rod Johnson
Rod Johnson

Rod brings a wealth of experience and field proven skill set to the operating Johnson Group Contracting. Using a straight forward, scientific, proven and honorable methodology to this business operation has won the respect from countless clients and business associates. With many years of experience working in leakage abatement and repair, Rod is able to quickly use his vast experience to design proven methods of repair, project logistics and align the required resources and assets to successfully complete each and every project. Rod uses a pragmatic, well research and thought out methodology in preparing costing work-ups for the wide array of project types undertaken by the company.

Accounting - Administration

Administration - Book Keeping - Customer Relations

Brenda Lucas
Controller - Administration - Book Keeping - Customer Relations

Installation Technicians/Warehousing

Adam Middlebrook
Installation Technician/Shop Foreman
17 years of service

Adam possesses a widely varied and strong skill set. He has lead in the successful completion of thousands of projects involving leakage abatement, concrete restoration, new concrete construction, fabrication, forming, welding, demolition, product manufacturing, polyurethane and epoxy injection grouting and polyurethane parts casting and mould making. He a is truly positive, fair and confident leader who knows how to effectively use the resources at his disposal. Adam's honesty and solid work ethic is rare and a true asset to our group of companies.