Margo Grout Plug for 3" NQ Hole x 36"
USD $119.72

Margo Grout Plug or Packer

Model Number Denotes Plug Length
(example: DSXXX-48 is a 48 inch long plug) 

Description: Used to control water in drill holes and/or injecting cementious or chemical grouting compounds in high volumes. The hollow center pipe is securely anchored in the drill hole by the four precision made expanding rubber sleeves and specially machined washers.

The Margo Grout Plugs (also called Grout Packers)are designed to be sized 1/8" smaller than the actual drill hole diameter. Accurate sizing results in maximum grout plug holding power.
Attach your ball valve (not included) to the threaded extension pipe end.

The Margo Grout Plug is available in all standard sizes for 1" (25.4mm) to 5" (127mm) drill holes including EX, AQ, BQ & NQ.

These precision made Margo Grout Plugs have been used extensively in mines and construction projects throughout the globe and are made in Ontario, Canada
by our highly skilled and dedicated manufacturer.

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Packaging: Custom per order.

Available Sizes: From 1" to 5" hole sizes and 18" to 120" lengths.
Any custom size is available
Please call or email for custom grout plug requests.