Plastic Hammer-In Packers 3/8" (1000) Loose Bulk Pack
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$420.00 USD

 ...per 1000 Packers with Long Zerks!

3/8" High Density Nylon Packer  
#1 Recommended (Drive-In) Injection Packer

This "Bulk Shipment" consists of 1000 packers  with an equal number of Long Zerks (grease fittings).

Description:     This packer is made from super tough nylon which is much better than some competitors "standard grade nylon" packer formulations. This significantly improves breakage resistance in cold weather and deformation in hot weather. The inexpensive hammer in plastic packer is used on 90% of Canadian polyurethane injection projects allowing for high pressure injection methods (up to 3000psi). This packer is quickly increasing in use in the USA. Use this inexpensive packer for polyurethane injection and epoxy injection in place of expensive mechanical packers. Includes the long zerk (18mm or 5/8"length) for solid connections to your existing injection equipment.

"This great injection packer is beginning to gain significant ground in the USA where manufacturers have been making loads of money by promoting the expensive mechanical packers. To be honest, our injection crew has never needed to use a mechanical packer after many years of injection projects!"

Packaging:     Loose Bulk

Tips:     The use of these packers has become the standard in the Canadian injection community because they can be installed quickly, are more affordable than metal packers, and can be used in virtually 90% of the applications that grouters are asked to inject. (Projects encountering poor grade concrete should switch our Metal Mechanical Packers to assure a safe injection.) It is recommended that the technician always use the packers in clean drill holes that have been flushed fully with water.
Hint #1: Keep packers warm prior to use. The zerk will be much easier to install into the packer. Strength will decrease up to 30% at minus 40 degrees C.
Hint #2: Apply a small amount of the polyurethane injection resin to the outer surface just prior to inserting the packer in the drill hole and hammering it in. The grout will set in a very short time providing an excellent seal. Packers can always be used without the "coat" method.
Hint #3:
When injecting tight cracks, we have found high success rates by drilling straight into the crack to a depth of 2/3 the thickness of the wall (always measure and tape your drill bit for depth). High pressures can be maintained with virtually no spalding blow-outs (as opposed to angle drilling) and excellent grout penetration. Space the packers every 2.5 - 3 inches and a depth of 5 inches for an 8 inch thick residential wall. Use a low viscosity resin or heat up your grout in a tub of hot water (Lowers viscosity significantly, i.e. 600 cps down to 200 cps) to assure 100% penetration.
Technically speaking, the straight in drilling technique increases the surface area of possible grout penetration into the crack, within the wall. When angle drilling, you can expect grout penetration to occur at the point the drill hole intersects the crack. The exposed injectable surface area is just slightly more than the diameter of the drill bit used. Let's say a 3/8" drill bit produces a 1 3/16" (d=3.14 x r) of penetration point per drill hole. However, the straight in method will create a 10 3/8" penetration point in a 5" deep hole. This is almost a 900% increase in usable penetration point. When it is possible to use this method with the correct grout selection, you can lower pressures and achieve superior results in a shorter time. The inexpensive plastic packer won't cost you much for the extra packers used up by this process.


Hint #4: Cut the packers off with a rounded chisel as required. Clean divots can be filled with non-shrink grout or epoxy gel and dressed with a grinder.

Where possible, always flood test your work to ensure the crack is completely sealed. Callbacks will hurt your reputation and your wallet.

History:     The Plastic Hammer-In 3/8" Packer is one in a family of very high quality injection packers that have been used extensively. Their designs have been based on extensive industry experience and exacting standards.
All our packers are made in Ontario, Canada by our highly skilled manufacturer and are available for internet sales at

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