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Thixotropic 85 Injection Epoxy - Med Cracks
Thixo85 Epoxy 4x4L Thixotropic 85 Injection Epoxy - Med Cracks
[Johnson Group Online]
 USD $272.80 
Availability:  This item is not stocked. Call for Availability.

Thixotropic 85 Injection Epoxy -
Med Cracks

(4 x 4 Litre Kit = 16 litres or 4.22 gal of resin)

General Product Description: 
The thixotropic form ensures the epoxy will not drain from the crack during its cure. This product is a modified medium pot life, two-component epoxy in thixotropic form with very good water displacement.  

"Thixotropic 85 Injection Epoxy - Med Cracks" can be injected using either low pressure injection methods or high pressure techniques. The medium pot life allows it to be premixed and placed into a pressure pot for low pressure injection or a high pressure pump or grease gun for high pressure injection. "Thixotropic 85 Injection Epoxy - Med Cracks" is also available in side by side cartridges (300 mls “A”/75 mls “B”). 

Physical Properties (unmixed) @25°C

Component "A" (resin)

Specific Gravity               1.11
Viscosity                        Gel
Colour Lt.                       Lt. Yellow

Component "B" (hardener)

Specific Gravity             0.98
Viscosity                     100 cps.
Colour                         Amber

Physical Properties (mixed) @25°C

Specific Gravity             1.08
Colour Lt.                     Lt. Amber
Solid by weight             100%


Mixing Ratio's                    Wt.         Vol.

"A"                             80          78
"B"                             20          22

Cure Schedule

Pot Life 200 g. @ 25°C                 85 mins.
Pot Life 4 litres. @ 25°C               20 mins.
Tack free time @ 10°C/25°C         20/10 hrs.
Through cure  @ 10°C/25°
C          60/30 hrs.
Cure time is considerably longer at colder temperatures.

Minimum Application Temperature
"Thixotropic 85 Injection Epoxy - Med Cracks" cures at temperatures down to 0°C.

Moisture Sensitivity
"Thixotropic 85 Injection Epoxy - Med Cracks" has excellent damp adhesion and very good water displacement capabilities. It can be used on damp cracks but not where a hydrostatic head is present unless special techniques are used.

Physical Testing (14 day cure @ 25°C)

Tensile strength                              44 MPa            (ASTM 638)
Compressive strength                      89 MPa            (ASTM D695)
Flexural strength                             48 MPa            (ASTM D790)
Tensile Adhesion wet concrete         2.1 MPa           (failure in concrete)

Low Pressure Injection Procedure 

Surface Preparation
The area adjacent to the crack must be cleaned to obtain good adhesion. "Heavy Epoxy Paste - Regular Set" is used to seal the crack and the injection devices. "Heavy Epoxy Paste - Rapid Set 60" is faster curing bonder, where quick turnaround is important. These devices may be plastic packers, tees or ports, depending on the technique used. Plastic tees are placed on top of the crack. The placing of the injection devices is critical. Foreign material in a crack may be a major factor in the success of injection. It is usually possible to flush cracks to remove contaminants. A thorough study in this regard is always necessary.

Mixing & Application
"Thixotropic 85 Injection Epoxy - Med Cracks" can be injected using plural feed injection machines capable of dispensing at the required ratio by volume, pressure pot machines or single component injection pumps.  Grease guns can also be used. Careful with the pot life!

1. After the crack has been prepared for the injection process, resin is pumped from one port (or plastic tee) to the next in sequence. On a vertical crack, start at the lowest injection device. If there is water in the crack, it must be expelled by the resin being injected and this phase must continue until clear, water-free resin is emerging from the next port or plastic tee.

2. The injection process must be continued until the entire crack is filled with resin.

3. On large projects, test samples of the resin being injected should be taken before, during and after the injection is complete. It is imperative that the injection process be continuously monitored to ensure that the resin is properly mixed and will cure satisfactorily. Core samples may be taken to verify the efficacy of the process.

Note: If using a pressure pot or single component pump, pour contents of "B" into "A" and mix well with a low speed power mixer (200-300 rpm) until one even colour develops. Pour this into the pressure pot or hopper. If injecting fine cracks where productivity is slow, it is recommended to mix just 1 litre of material initially. This allows a usage rate to be established and avoids wasting material if the 4 litres cannot be injected within the pot life.

High Pressure Injection Procedure

Surface Preparation

Drill 3/8” holes at a 45° angle to intersect the crack approximately 4” below the concrete surfaces. These holes should be drilled alternately on opposite sides of the crack allowing 8” distance between them. This should ensure intersection of the crack.
Drill holes should be flushed out using water delivered through a ¼” hose from a pressure pot or pump-up garden sprayer. Tapered 3/8" Plastic Hammer-In packers should be hammered into these holes and the high pressure nipples (zerk) fitted into them. A grease gun capable of pressures up to 2000 psi should then be filled with water, and the water injected through the packers to check that each of the packers intersect the crack and a path is available for subsequent injection. Where no travel is evident then additional holes should be drilled and packers set to provide necessary access to the crack. Alternatively, holes can be drilled straight into the crack about 2/3 the thickness of the wall and spaced 3" to 6" apart. On tighter cracks this reduces damage to the concrete through blow-outs and allows for much higher pressures.

Mixing and Application

NOTE: It should be noted that "Thixotropic 85 Injection Epoxy - Med Cracks", under the pressure of injection, flows readily, even in fine cracks. Once pressure is released it then stops flowing and returns again to a gel consistency, to avoid drainage from the crack or excessive running at the crack surface.

"Thixotropic 85 Injection Epoxy - Med Cracks" should be fully mixed by pouring contents of “B” into “A” and mixing with a low speed power mixer (200-300 rpm) until an even and smooth consistency is developed. Scrape the sides and bottom of the mix container to ensure a complete mix is obtained. It is advisable to mix just a part of the 4 litre unit initially – 1litre may be appropriate – to determine rate of travel of the resin and to confirm that a full 4 litre mix can be used well within the pot life.
Injection of the mixed "Thixotropic 85 Injection Epoxy - Med Cracks" is then carried out using another grease gun, commencing at the lowest injection packer. As the "Thixotropic 85 Injection Epoxy - Med Cracks" moves into the crack, water is displaced ahead of it. Once all the water is released then "Thixotropic 85 Injection Epoxy - Med Cracks" will follow the water – when this is observed, injection should move on to the next packer and the same process continued along the crack until it is completed. Excess "Thixotropic 85 Injection Epoxy - Med Cracks" appearing at the surface of the crack can be left up to 1 hour (at 25°C) but can be easily scraped clear.

Clean Up
Use appropriate "Cleaning Solvent". CAUTION - Solvent is flammable so there must be no open lights, flames, sparking motors or pilot lights in the vicinity. Smoking near the solvent is to be forbidden. All equipment must be cleaned immediately after use.

Safety and Toxicity
Two-component epoxy systems are capable of producing severe injury to, or destruction of, skin and eye tissues. They are classified as corrosive for shipping purposes. Precautions must be taken to prevent prolonged or repeated skin contact and it is essential to protect the eyes from splashes. Protective clothing, rubber gloves and chemical goggles should be worn when working with these products. Some people become sensitized when working with epoxy resin systems. The sensitization may appear in the form of skin or respiratory reactions. Avoid breathing vapours, particularly if these products are used in a confined area. Face mask with respirator #1224 is usually adequate. Air supplied mask is suitable for use in confined areas.

Store in heated area and on pallets. Do not allow product to freeze. Shelf life in unopened containers is two years.

Packaged in 4 litre units, 4 units per carton. Each container is clearly marked with product name, component designation ("A" or "B"), manufacturer's name, batch number and ratio of component mixtures.

Manufacturer WARRANTS that the product conforms to its chemical description and is reasonably fit for the purpose stated on its Technical Bulletin when used in accordance with its directions. Manufacturer makes NO OTHER WARRANTY either expressed or implied. Buyer assumes all risk in handling.

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