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Author Topic: What Should I do?  (Read 4231 times)
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« on: April 15, 2009, 11:11:19 AM »

I have a window well which is filling with water (ie not draining quickly enough) and water leaks in through the window into the basement.  These things are contributing to the problem:

1. The window well drainage tube is clogged with dirt and gravel... ie backed up.
2. The house is half way down a hill and the yard slants slightly towards the house so water does tend to flow toward and beside the house.
3. I dug the well deeper last year and put more gravel in, but now (this spring) I look in and dirt has now completely covered the gravel.  I believe that the dirt is coming up through the bottom of the window well, although I'm not sure.  I dug the well deeper last year, because of the dirt that was building up.  I had thought the dirt was coming in over the top of the well or side of the well, but I'm now more suspicious that it is not getting in that way.

So I believe what I need is one or both of the following:

1. Unclog the window well drain.
2. Install a new deeper window well... or perhaps instead... digging out the well and surrounding area and then filling the area surrounding the bottom of the window well with gravel.

Any recommendations?

What do you recommend and do you offer services in these areas?
Rod Johnson
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« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2009, 12:03:38 PM »

First you can adjust the grade of the yard to divert the flow away from the building. Most warranties are void if that isn't corrected.

For the well, we usually do the following:

  • Get ALL Line Locates done and have them at the work site before you dig. This is the law in Ontario, Canada. (Free)
  • Dig around the well and pull it.
  • Dig right down to the weeping tile.
  • Cut open the tile or remove the existing "tee".
    Use a very strong shop vac with a large diameter suction pipe to remove debris from the weeping tile.
    It will surely be plugged up. Flush out the rest of the tile to the sump liner, and make sure the tile drains.
  • Reinstall the "tee", but this time install a .5"x.5" corrosion proof screen/mesh on the top opening of the "tee". (Home Depot)
  • Then attach the upright 4" (non-perforated) Big "O" pipe that will be the drain for the window well.
  • Wrap the joint with Terrafix 240R geotextile( ). This is a felt type filter fabric used around construction sites. Not the shiny one.
  • Backfill up the outside of the vertical pipe until you get to where the bottom of the well is best located. Compact this soil as you back fill.
  • Now install a round plastic drain cap over the end of the vertical pipe to keep out debris. You can also just use bag until it is ready for final cutting to the right elevation.
  • Now place the window well in the hole and wrap the outside and bottom with one piece of the geotextile. bring the fabric around the attachment flanges on either side and insert your fasteners through the fabric and into the wall. Secure fasteners. The geotextile should now be held in place and cover the bottom of the well.
  • Cut out a hole smaller than the drain pipe and push the end of the pipe through the hole. It should be snug around the pipe now.
  • Cut / trim the pipe to the right elevation and secure the drain cap (Home Depot has them, there white here in Canada).
  • Now put a couple of inches of clear stone on top of the fabric to make it look nice. DO NOT cover the drain cap.
  • Ensure the ground slopes away from the window well.
  • YOU MUST inspect and clear away any leaf debris in the fall which may cover the drain cap.
    The fabric is not there to aid in drainage, it is there to prevent soil from coming into the well and down the drain pipe which will plug it.
And there you have it.  Grin

The charge out rate for this operation is $1,250.00

Not you average basement repair contractor.
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