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Title: Moisture barrier
Post by: pepsi_fender on January 07, 2011, 06:49:44 AM
Question:  I have seen, on various how to's, different ways to address the wall for finishing.  What Im trying to wrap my mind around is moisture barrier and vapour barrier use.  I see that you can us the platon membrane up the wall.  Does that only go to grade, and there for acts just as a 6 mil moisture barrier, that one would install in a basic basement.  Or does it go right up to underside of floor and is a closed system?  It also says on your site that if you use the membrane up the wall, that there needs not be a warm side vapour barrier, but just a tight air barrier.  Is that to combate a "double vapour barrier"???  What would happen if you had a warm side vapour barrier aswell??

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